Pure Beef

Finely Ground Beef Meat, Offals (Liver, Kidney, Spleen) and Finely Ground Bone.

Available in 1lb, 2lb and 4lb resealable containers.  

Add kelp powder and fish oil if you are not rotating proteins. 


Nutritional Information (Per 100G)

0.3 g
Fat 9.72 g
Protein 16.41 g
Ash 2.1 g
Calories 154
Moisture 71.5 g
Calcium 0.47 g
Phosphorus 0.29 g
Copper 1.1 mg
Iron 2.5 mg
Magnesium 21 mg
Selenium 0.2 ug
Sodium 110 mg
Manganese 0.5 ug
Zinc 2.4 mg