Puppy Support

Our Puppy Support Supplement provides important nutrients to compliment the Raw Performance raw food diet when starting out in life! Suitable from ages 8 weeks on, Puppy Support ensures that your puppy get's all the fundamental key ingredients important for the healthy development, digestion and growth of your young dog. Building a strong immune and digestive track are fundamental during the early canine growth stages. Tailored to support your puppy's active lifestyle, Puppy Support ensures your pup get's everything they need!

Feeding Directions

Add to raw or home cooked diet as directed. 5 g scoop enclosed. Always provide access to fresh water.

  • Small Breed Puppies - 1/4 scoop ( 1.25 g ) Twice Daily
  • Large Breed Puppies - 1/2 scoop ( 2.5 g ) Twice Daily

Raw, Home-Cooked and Kibble Supplement to Promote Optimal Health in Puppies 8 Weeks to 1 Year.