Digestive Paste

Digestive Paste is a supplemental source of nutrient-specific ingredients to maintain a normal appetite & aid digestion. It is a biological feed additive and probiotic, designed to maximize digestive efficiency.  

When given as directed it helps maintain a normal appetite & digestion during periods of stress and /or discomfort. Periods of stress include travel, crate/ confinement, strenuous training, changes of feed/diet as well as during and after antibiotic/drug use. 

Digestive Paste should be a key part of your dog's first aid kit! 

Feeding Directions:

Add to raw or home-cooked diet as directed. *Always provide access to fresh water at all times.
Puppies/Small Dogs (Under 20 lbs) - 3ml, 2-3x daily
Medium Dogs (21-60 lbs) - 4ml, 2-3x daily
Large Dogs (61-100 lbs) - 5ml, 2-3x daily
Giant Dogs (over 100 lbs) - 6ml, 2-3x daily