July 05, 2022 3 min read

Summer is finally here, which means many of us will be counting down the days until summer vacation! Whether you are taking a road trip, spending some time camping, or if you're headed to a cottage, we have some tips for making travelling with your pooch as easy as possible.


If you’re not one of the lucky pet owners whose dog enjoys car rides, road trips with pets can be very daunting! When planning your route, make sure to include time for breaks so that your dog gets a chance to pee, drink water and move around. If your dog is an anxious traveller, you may want to consider one of the below options. 

  • Digestive Paste: We encourage all our customers to keep a tube of Raw Performance Digestive Paste handy when travelling with a pet. When given as directed, it helps maintain a normal appetite & digestion during periods of stress and discomfort including travel and/or crate confinement. 
  • CBD for Pets: If your dog is an anxious passenger, you may want to consider a veterinarian-formulated CBD supplement or treat to help ease your pet’s nerves. Speak with your vet to determine if this option is right for your pet. 


It doesn’t take much for dogs to overheat on hot summer days. If your vacation accommodations don’t include air conditioning, you may have to plan for ways to help keep your pet cool. If you have an active trip planned, make sure you know your dog’s limitations! Even the most healthy & active dog can become quickly exhausted or dehydrated in the heat. Pay close attention to any warning signs your dog may display and know when to pack it in. 

When camping, it’s key to find shaded spots for your dog to stay safe from the sun and always offer plenty of fresh water. Swimming is a great summer activity, not only for exercising your pet but to keep them cool as well. For those extra hot days, there are many cooling items you can invest in such as cooling dog beds, vests, or smaller items that don't take up as much room in your luggage such as a cooling bandana.


There are many pests to be mindful of during the summer including mosquitos and ticks. These bugs not only make pets uncomfortable, but they can also carry harmful diseases that pose a serious risk to dogs. It is important to have a method of prevention for these pests to keep pets safe when spending time outdoors in the seasons when these biting bugs are active. 

  • Regularly comb through your pet’s coat to check for ticks
  • Use campfires & citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes away if possible
  • Bring a dog-friendly bug repellent/spray to ward off pests 

Raw Performance Essential Spray: Raw performance essential spray is a coat conditioner for use in the spring, summer and fall months. It contains an impactful mix of essential oils.


If your trip accommodations have enough freezer space, travelling with frozen raw dog food might not be a concern. However, if you have limited freezer space or if you’re camping, frozen raw can be challenging. Despite the challenges, many people choose to continue to feed frozen raw food when they camp. 

Tips for feeding raw dog food on camping trips:

  • Pack the last few days of food at the bottom of your cooler with your ice and/or ice packs. That way, when you are ready for the tubs they will be easier to defrost. 
  • Bring an additional small cooler for your defrosted food. Thaw only what you need, keep that in a separate cooler, and thaw each container as you go. 
  • Bring bones! In a pinch, bones can serve as an occasional meal replacement (depending on the dog). Bones take up less space in your cooler and are great for keeping your dog fed and entertained. 

Sometimes it might not be possible to stick with fresh food when travelling. The next best thing would be packing a high-quality freeze-dried or dehydrated raw option.