October 04, 2021 4 min read

Tripe refers to a type of edible offal from the unique stomachs of ruminant grazing animals such as cattle, sheep, lamb & pigs. These animals have four chambers that systematically break down grasses with a slew of digestive enzymes, gastric juices & amino acids, that are highly nutritious & beneficial for your dog’s health.

Green tripe is called green not because of its colour but because it’s untouched & unbleached. Tripe can be tinted green due to grass or hay the animals may have ingested but typically, tripe is brown.NOTE: We also want to point out that grocery store tripe is bleached & not safe for your dog. Look for untreated, unbleached, untouched green tripe like we offer online, at our retailer store and at many of our retailers. 

The many benefits of green tripe for your dog.


Tripe is really great for digestion! The juices from green tripe are full of digestive enzymes & beneficial bacteria that help the gut. They help the ruminant animal digest its food, so they’ll help your dog have better digestion too. This means your dog gets the most nutrition from his or her meals. The digestive enzymes cleanse the blood, remove toxins, parasites & even fungus. It also can help improve metabolism, hormonal function & boosts the immune system.


Raw green tripe supports good gut health & immunity as it contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals &Lactobacillus, acidophilus which are the two main ingredients in a pre-probiotic, that fight off harmful bacteria in your pet’s digestive system & body. They need to consume more good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria but most importantly the good bacteria can improve your dog's immune function, by outnumbering the bad bacteria. that maintains a healthy microflora in the gut. Tripe is especially beneficial for older dogs as they tend to have lower levels of good bacteria in their guts overtime.   


Tripe is great for dogs with allergies & sensitivities as it’s an easy protein to digest. In fact, green tripe is partially digested already since it comes from a grazing animal’s stomach. Tripe is also considered white meat with its low levels of myoglobin (that’s the protein that makes red meat red) so tripe often causes less reaction in dogs that are sensitive to red meat. If your dog has leaky gut syndrome or acid reflux, tripe can help to ease the symptoms.


Tripe is full of nutrients including minerals, amino acids, & essential fatty acids. Dogs that are deficient in nutrients can suffer from a range of ailments like diarrhea, poor skin & coat, gingivitis, viral or bacterial infections & yeast overgrowth. Adding tripe to their diet will improve their overall health & well-being. Tripe offers Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Copper & Selenium, B Complex Vitamins, Vitamins A, C, D & E. It also includes the perfect ratio of 1:1 Calcium & Phosphorus and a balance of Omega 3 Essential fatty acids (Linoleic & linolenic fatty acids).


Tripe can improve your dog’s dental health. Chewing on pieces of “rubbery” tripe is like giving them a toothbrush. It will exercise their jaw, massage their gums and scrape their teeth. It’s also highly digestible so your dog will get some nutrients in addition to the chewing pleasure.


Green Tripe can be used for weight gain or loss. It contains concentrated calories, but the calories are full of nutrients, which will support your pets system function. This makes it a good source of nutrition for dogs that need to gain healthy weight. For pets that need to lose weight, tripe makes for a great supplement as it will help them feel fuller.  It is also really great for picky eaters and the intense smell will get them gobbling up their meals in no time!


Can’t get your dog to stop eating poop? The digestive enzymes in green tripe can help dogs that eat feces for the digestive enzymes it contains. There are a number of reasons your dog may eat poop like boredom, bad habit or stress. By adding tripe to their daily diet, this can prevent your dog’s from eating feces & grass.

The one downfall to tripe is that yes, it stinks! After all,it’s the animal’s stomach where fermentation of what the animal has eaten has begun. I think we can all agree that the many benefits outweigh the bad smell.

How much & how often can you feed your dog tripe?

It’s not recommended to feed tripe daily, as it’s not a balanced meal. We suggest feeding it no more than 2x a week OR if you’re feeding our Pure line only, you can add a few ounces to each meal to make it balanced. There is no need to add it to our Gourmet line daily as it already blended in with the kale, kelp & spinach. We only offer Tripe in 2lb tub containers, so for smaller dogs we recommend semi-thawing and dividing it up into smaller portions and refreezing the tripe afterwards.