Quality Raw, Consistently

We started feeding our dogs raw food after reading about its many benefits - and the results were unmistakable. But after receiving products that were frustratingly inconsistent in quality, and so overmixed it was impossible to tell if it was meat or a science project, we started making our own.

We're now growing every day, with retailers across Ontario and a loving fan base. Oh, and their pet parents love it too! But one thing is set in stone with us - we will never sacrifice quality. So as our business grows, our product will remain consistent. At the end of the day, what matters to us is that every dog is getting a healthy meal.

We believe all dogs deserve to not have their diet get in the way of a fulfilling life. Our products contain no mechanically separated meat. No preservatives. No fillers. Just real food that you can feel good about feeding your pet. After all, they're your family, and your family means the world to you.